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Rafi Cricket Stadium – Largest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan

Rafi Cricket Stadium

Introduction of Rafi Cricket Stadium

The Rafi Cricket Stadium, an international level flood-lit cricket stadium in Karachi, has been unveiled by Bahria Town, one of Pakistan’s top real estate developers. This cutting-edge facility aims to give sports aficionados in the city a one-of-a-kind experience, in keeping with the company’s vision of a modern Pakistan.

Seating Capacity of Rafi Cricket Stadium

The Rafi Cricket Stadium is one of the biggest cricket venues in the Pakistan, with a capacity for up to 50,000 spectators. The stadium is projected to play a key role in Pakistan regaining access to international cricket. It is built to compete with the best stadiums in the world.

Key Features of Rafi Cricket Stadium

The stadium’s design, which was created in accordance with criteria set by the International Cricket Council (ICC), is one of its distinguishing characteristics. The stadium is a great place for young cricketers because it has a cricket academy of international calibre, two practise fields, a gym, a swimming pool, and a hostel.

The stadium has floodlights so that it can host both day and night events, and it has an LED screen and a digital scoreboard so that the spectators can enjoy a full watching experience. The stadium’s architectural plan was created by GMP Germany, which has designed and built a number of well-known stadiums around the world, including the cricket stadium in Dubai Sports City.

The Rafi Cricket Stadium, which offers cutting-edge amenities on par with the top venues worldwide, holds the potential to completely transform Pakistani cricket. The stadium is expected to be crucial in the resurrection of international cricket in Pakistan and has the ability to draw top-tier international teams to the country.

The stadium also promises to provide visitors with a great experience because it was built with the requirements of players, coaches, and fans in mind. Young cricketers have a great chance to learn from some of the top instructors in the sport thanks to the presence of an international grade cricket academy within the stadium.


The Rafi Cricket Stadium is proof of Bahria Town’s dedication to creating a modern Pakistan, to sum up. A game-changer for cricket in the nation, the stadium is a top-notch edifice that delivers the best in terms of architecture, infrastructure, and technology. With its cutting-edge amenities, the stadium is anticipated to draw top-tier international teams to Pakistan and to play a significant part in the resurgence of international cricket in the nation.

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