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How Many Players are there in Each Cricket Team?

How meny players in cricket team

How Many Players are there in Cricket Team?

There are 11 players on each team in the sport of cricket. Two of these players can bat simultaneously in normal cricket, but when it is their team’s turn to bowl, all 11 players will simultaneously enter the field. Only four of the 11 players—four bowlers and one keeper—will typically be specialists. Team compositions in limited-overs cricket, such as T20 matches, are frequently very different from those in long-format cricket, such as test matches.

Many cricket teams will additionally have at least one reserve player in addition to the 11 regular players to cover for any players who must leave the pitch for whatever reason. Additionally, reserve players are frequently in charge of bringing refreshments onto the pitch during regular water breaks and replacing any broken batsmen’s gear, such as gloves or helmets, with new items.

As there has been a movement to better care for players when they suffer a blow to the head or helmet, “concussion substitutes” have been introduced to the game in recent years. Concussion substitutes are allowed to take the place of players who have been diagnosed with or suspected of having had a concussion, and they will play for the remainder of the game in their place. The player who enters the game after a concussion must be viewed as a “like-for-like” substitution. A player cannot be substituted for due to a non-concussion injury in the same manner as a concussion. A player who is hurt on the pitch can only be replaced by a reserve player.

Understanding the Roles of Players in a Cricket Team

Cricket is a team sport in which there are 11 players on each side, each of whom has a particular responsibility on the pitch. We shall go over the various positions that players fill on a cricket team in this article:


The primary goal of the batters is to make runs by hitting the ball that the other team bowls. In order to score runs, they are the ones who take the ball and try to hit it as far as they can. A cricket team has two different types of batsmen: opening batsmen and middle-order batsmen.


The bowlers’ primary goal is to make it tough for the batsman to score runs by bowling the ball in an unhittable manner. They trick the batsmen and get them out by using a variety of deliveries, including spin, swing, and pace. Bowlers come in a variety of styles, including fast bowlers, medium pacers, and spin bowlers.


Players who can bowl and bat are known as all-rounders. They are frequently regarded as valuable team members since they balance a team’s batting and bowling strengths. They are talented players who are able to play both roles well and contribute significantly to the success of the team.


In addition to running out or stumping the batsmen if they leave their crease, the wicketkeeper is in charge of catching the ball bowled by the other team. They must be nimble and quick in their movements to grab the ball because they are positioned behind the stumps.

Replaceable players

Teams typically have a few substitute players in addition to these 11 players who can be used if one of the key players gets hurt or is unable to play. However, there can never be more than 11 players on the pitch at once.

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