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Shalimar Cricket Ground in Islamabad, Pakistan

Shalimar Cricket Ground

The Shalimar Cricket Ground is a refuge for cricket fans hidden within the hustle and bustle of Pakistan’s busy capital city, Islamabad. As a centre of cricketing activity and a source of intense passion for the game among Islamabad locals, this local cricket stadium has a particular place in the hearts of the neighbourhood.

The Shalimar Cricket Ground is the ideal location for you if you’re a cricket enthusiast in Islamabad seeking for a spot to play or practise. Call 0321 5160008 to speak with someone on the ground and reserve a time for your team or coaching session.

The management staff of the venue is accessible to address any questions you may have about reservations, availability, or amenities. They can assist you in planning and organising your cricketing activities at the ground because they are committed to giving players and teams the greatest cricketing experience possible.

The Shalimar Cricket Ground can accommodate your demands whether you’re a local club wishing to arrange a match or a coach organising a training camp.


In the centre of Islamabad, at P3QF+MRJ, Main Margalla Rd, Saidpur, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, sits the Shalimar Cricket Ground, a hidden gem for cricket fans. This cricketing haven is tucked away in the tranquil Margalla Hills and is a favourite hangout for local cricket fans as well as a representation of the city’s ardent devotion to the sport.
The Shalimar Cricket Ground provides a magnificent setting for cricket activity since it is tucked away within the Margalla Hills’ stunning natural scenery. The beautiful, green outfield, which is surrounded by towering trees, makes a stunning setting for thrilling games and fierce cricket contests. The tranquil location and clean mountain air add to the venue’s allure, creating a really exceptional and stunning backdrop for the sport.

A History of Cricketing Excellence

The Shalimar Cricket Ground has a lengthy, rich history. Its grounds have seen some of the best cricketing talent emerge and have witnessed innumerable cricketing clashes. The ground, which opened in the early 1980s, has hosted a lot of local cricket games, competitions, and practises over the years. It is now a well-known landmark in Islamabad and a preferred location for cricket fans.

A Perfect Environment for Enthusiastic Cricket Action

The Shalimar Cricket Ground, located in the centre of Islamabad, has a scenic setting with a backdrop of the Margalla Hills. The contemporary facilities, well-kept pitch and lush green outfield make it the ideal location for intense cricket matches. The venue has a standard-sized cricket pitch, dressing rooms with all the necessary amenities, practise nets and plenty of spectator seats.

Shalimar Cricket Ground

A Healthy Cricket Ecosystem

The Shalimar Cricket area serves as both a venue for competitive games and a training area for aspiring cricket players. The Shalimar Cricket Ground’s local cricketing ecology is active and strong, with frequent coaching camps, training courses and practise sessions led by knowledgeable coaches and former cricketers. It offers a platform for young, gifted cricketers to refine their abilities, display their talent, and realise their goals of playing the game.

A Community Center for Cricket Fans

Shalimar Cricket Ground is more than just a cricket pitch; it serves as a gathering place for cricket fans in Islamabad. It acts as a gathering spot for nearby cricket clubs, teams, and players who all have a passion for the sport. During local matches, the stadium is frequently alive with excitement as devoted fans cheer and support their preferred teams. It helps the local cricketing community feel a sense of kinship and belonging, making it a beloved tradition in Islamabad.

A Mark of Enthusiasm and Unity

The Shalimar Cricket Ground has come to represent fervour and camaraderie among the people of Islamabad. It crosses age, gender, and background barriers to unite those who share a passion for cricket. People from all walks of life come together to appreciate the spirit of the game in this melting pot of cultures. With a special place in the hearts of the people of Islamabad, it has evolved into a crucial component of the local cricket scene.

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